Posted on: October 29, 2008 1:04 pm

Obama for coach of the New Orleans Saints!

After 42 years of failed policies with the New Orleans Saints, it's time for a new coach.  A coach of change.  We need to bring the middle class season ticket holders back into the game again.  With players not knowing if they took steriods or not and kickers being cut randomly, it's time for a change.  I have stuck with every coach the Saints have ever had.  I have never gone against the current coach no matter who it was, but it's time.  We cannot take the constant mistakes of the current regime.  Bad draft decisions, bad play calling, poor defensive coaching, not really having a defense.  It has been proved that defense is what wins championships, why can't the coaches see this.  Since your defense cannot stop anyone, let's cut the kickers, yeah, that will work.  Coach Payton just got a contract extension early this year.  Why is mediocrity rewarded in our society?  The TV weather man is wrong most of the time, but many of them are paid very well.  Our football players don't know if they are taking steriods or not, yet they are paid millions?  Teachers and social workers, people who are supposed to be helping others are paid very little, despite they having to attain much education.  We need to realize what is important in our country, that is football, baseball and basketball.  This must be the case as these are the people who make much of the money and isn't money how we grade who is important in our society?  For a change let's elect Barack Obama new head coach of the New Orleans Saints!  Yes we can!
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Posted on: June 13, 2008 2:16 am

Will the Saints Sign Jeremy Shockey?

This question has been lingering for the past several months, "Will the Saints sign Jeremy Shockey?". 

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Posted on: May 12, 2008 9:39 am

Avatars disappearing?

I noticed that a lot of Avatars have beautiful women pictured.  I thought at first, this is about sports not women.  Stupid thought, what's wrong with having nice looking women, or for the ladies, nice looking men pictured?  It took me several days and finally I came up with an Avatar that I thoght was good and appropriate.  I used to use a picture of a Saint Bernard, the mascot for the New Orleans Saints with the words SAINTS at the bottom of the logo.  I found a picture of a women in the 1800's (not showing any genitals) pictured and I put my Saint Bernard picture in the background.  It took me a couple of hours to do this.  It keeps disappearing from the Avatar screen.  Is CBS or some kind of censor removing it?  I have not received any sort of messages or warnings.  I want to be appropriate and I believe this Avatar is.  Maybe because it is new it is going away by itself?  I'm wondering if anyone else has had this disappearing Avatar problem? I like a lot of people, I am just trying to have some fun on the CBS website.  If that is inappropriate please let me know.  One more thing, after talking with a new friend in the CBS community I have decided that, yes I am obsessed about these avatars and yes, I probably am crazy.  I deleted this post because I thought what does this really have to do with football?  Maybe nothing, maybe everything, nonetheless, I would like to hear from some of you to see what you think about Avatars in general. 
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